Why Should I Become A Member Of SAUFF?

All underwater, as well as clubs who have underwater fishing facets should be members of SAUFF.  Those who already belong to a club will not benefit directly if they have not joined SAUFF in their personal capacity.


Benefits Of Being A Member Include

  • DAN Membership – Spearo’s can now get DAN membership benefits for this sport/recreational activity (see below for details)
  • Your annual contribution helps SAUFF attend to matters regarding restrictive legislation.
  • Your annual contribution goes towards furthering the opportunities of underwater fishing especially at entry level.
  • Receiving a monthly newsletter keeping you informed of the latest developments pertaining to underwater fishing.
  • Being an active part of the underwater fishing community in South Africa.
  • Being eligible to dive competitively for your province or country.
  • Being eligible to claim a South African spearfishing record.
  • Eligible to participate in competitions.
  • Strength, respect and action for your sport though our alliance with SADSAA and SASCOC.
  • Networking event hosted by SAUFF.
  • The protection of the right to spearfish in our country.
  • Membership benefits negotiated on your behalf (DAN membership, Dive Store Discounts etc).
  • Access to LOTTO funding etc which we are lobbying on behalf of Spearo’s.


SAUFF Membership Costs

Full SAUFF Membership

R100 annual fee for senior members with voting rights and access to provincial trails and national championships.

SAUFF Social Membership

R20 annual fee for non competitive spearos, all juniors (under 21) and crayfish Club Membership – R500 annual fee.


Banking Details

Client Name : South African Underwater Fishing Fed

Client Account Number : 1100203130439

Electronic Account Number : 50011592454

Branch Code : 580105

Account Type : Current

Product Type : CCM Call Money Fund

DAN Membership

For Individual Spearfisherman:

  • Spearo’s receive similar membership benefits to the scuba cover. Refer to the eligibility section on the application forms attached
  • There are some rules the Spearo’s need to comply with as do the scuba divers however the rule’s aren’t as suggested before.
  • Spearo’s need not proof that they have any First Aid & CPR training but DAN recommends that they do.
  • Spearo’s need to inform the DAN office before embarking on a dive trip
  • Spearo’s need not submit an emergency plan to DAN for the dive trip but it is recommended to have such a plan in place.
  • The DAN hotline is available 24/7/365 for emergencies as well as any dive related medical assisstance or advice.
  • If Spearo’s want info on a specific area to complete their own emergency plan they are welcome to contact the DAN hotline and ask for assistance. We will not supply a specific on the ground emergency plan but rather offer what our plan of action will be in case of an emergency. This is important to know! It helps create a realistic expectation of what DAN can do to assist and how long it takes to activate emergence services.


For Spearfishing Business/ Resort/ Charter Companies : 

  • Same rules as above apply with some extras
  • The business needs to supply us with their emergency plan
  • The staff members involved with dive activities need to be in date and qualified to provide 1st Aid and CPR.
  • DAN recommends that these businesses join as Dive Safety Partners


Additional Info

  • We offer Spearo’s annual membership and have decided to extend it to the temporary Dive Trip package as well.
  • Annual membership benefits are for a year / 12month period and can be paid once via EFT, credit card, cash or cheque payments. Alternatively the member can opt to pay monthly via a debit order.
  • There are 3 annual packages to choose from Standard, Plus and Master membership levels. They provide membership benefits locally and internationally but it is important to note that DAN is secondary to any primary cover that is in place. The Plus and Master membership levels offer additional non diving membership benefits when travelling outside the borders of South Africa.
  • The temporary Dive Trip package is for divers and now Spearo’s that don’t want to take out annual membership with DAN. the only catch is that it is only valid when diving outside the borders of South Africa and the membership benefits are limited to dive injuries and doesn’t have the additional non diving membership benefits attached to the package. The Dive Trip package is sold at R150 per 5 days. If the diver needs cover for 7 or 10 days it will cost R300 and so on.
  • For further information visit the DAN website
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